Providing unparalleled support, cutting-edge solutions, and unbeatable savings for over 25 years.

Since our inception over 25 years ago, we have fought powerfully, skillfully, and passionately to provide our clients with the solutions and support they need to manage technology change. We have spent this time honing our expert knowledge, valuable industry connections, and a perfected process that empowers our clients to master their technology projects.

How We Help

Technology options are seemingly endless, and the process of researching, procuring, implementing and negotiating your chosen solutions can be daunting. With CNS on your side, you can feel confident in your choices and know that your best interest comes first throughout the entire process.

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Who We Help

At CNS, we treat you as an equal regardless of your size or industry. From startups to enterprise organizations, we form alliances with our clients to help bust down doors and secure the best-fitting options for your unique needs. Some of the industries we serve are: Education, Finance/Private Equity, Governmental Services, Health Services, Retail, Energy, Travel, Transportation, Factory, hospitality, and more.

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CNS takes a comprehensive dive into your needs, goals, and available resources to help you select technology solutions that work best for you. We then implement those solutions, ensure that they work properly and efficiently, and provide ongoing support and advice. Our process is comprehensive and detailed to maximize productivity and benefit to you.

Core Values

We are relationship-driven partners.

We sit on your side of the table, helping guide you through technology change and relentlessly representing your interests. Building and maintaining trust are priorities for us, and so is the quality and longevity of our client relationships.

We treat our customers equally.

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise customer, you can trust that CNS will offer you equal treatment. We believe that you deserve the best rates and terms, the utmost support and care, and the high value you can expect from us regardless of your size or industry.

We are honest agents.

We operate with honesty and integrity at all times, because doing what’s right is in our DNA. We remain impartial to providers and solutions so that we can guide our customers to the best results for them and them only.

We are ruthless advocates.

We serve our customers, not the providers we partner with. Leveraging our buying power uniquely allows us to push the buttons and pull the levers our customers can’t. We never stop fighting for your best interest, and we do whatever it takes to get you what you want.

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